Summers and Inner Thigh Chafing

Summers and Inner Thigh Chafing

Posted by Jack Miller on 3rd Mar 2020

Hello ladies & gentlemen! We want to make the most of every summer, getting outdoors and having fun with friends. There is so many things you can do, from socialising, having barbecues, exercising and working, all outside, just so you can enjoy the weather.  But doing all of these activities in the heat can really take its toll, and by the end of the day you may be chafing badly. So, have you been wondering why your inner thighs chafe more in the summer?

Well, it’s simple! Two main causes of inner thigh chafing are:


As soon as the summer season makes its entrance, the sufferers of chafe start bracing themselves for irritated, sore and swollen skin around the inner thigh region.

Hot temperatures and humid weather are commonly associated with the horrible affliction of thigh chafe. An active lifestyle and exercises like running, cycling and going to the gym during the spring and summer seasons, bring in excessive sweat. Even your favourite summer beach activities and water sports could lead to a painful rash. All this extra moisture just makes your delicate inner thigh skin more vulnerable to chafe. Sweat has particles that have salt and minerals, and these small sharp objects actually cut into your skin as you're walking, whilst your thighs are rubbing together.  This action and these microscopic minerals are the cause of the rash that leaves the skin inflamed and blistered.

Wondering how to save yourself from painful inner thigh chafing?

Stay dry - As much as possible keep wicking moisture away from your inner thighs. The more you let the dampness stay and soak into the skin, the higher the chances of developing a rash. Try to decrease the amount of moisture you have with the help of a simple household ingredient, cornstarch. Yes! go for cornstarch, or another talc-free powder, instead of using talcum powder, as they are linked to cancer.

Find better ways to fight the sweat - To deal with excess sweating while walking, running, exercising or even sitting for long hours. Switch from cotton fabrics to synthetic fabrics like nylon or polyester. Cotton soaks and holds onto moisture and makes dampness stay in the inner thigh area which encourages chafe.  Whereas synthetic fabrics can move moisture away to different areas.

Keep your thighs protected - Yeah! The root cause of chafe is the thighs which rub against each other. So, simply invest in a pair of Anti-Slip Silicone Thigh Bands that fit comfortably and stop your thighs from brushing against one another.  When this problem is solved you can carry on with your favourite activities during the summer season.