The Best Ways to Beat the Heat and Avoid Chafing

The Best Ways to Beat the Heat and Avoid Chafing

Posted by Jack Miller on 12th Mar 2023

We're beginning to approach the warmer seasons, and that means it's time to beat the heat. If you're not careful, your clothing can get in the way of your spring and summer plans. Wearing the wrong clothing in warm weather can cause chafe, which can be painful and seriously impact your well-being. To help you keep cool this summer and avoid chafing, here are some tips:

Wear the right clothes

The best way to avoid chafing is to wear the right clothes. Some types of fabric can trap heat, so it's important to choose appropriate materials like cotton and linen. That means avoiding any synthetic fabrics, as they have a bad habit of trapping heat and sweat. What’s more, these materials are prone to causing chafing, which is exactly what you want to avoid!

So if you’re trying to stay comfortable in the heat and avoid chafing, a good start is wearing loose, breathable fabrics. That’s why cotton is such a good choice because it's absorbent and has excellent wicking properties. Lycra is also great as it stretches with you, keeping you cool while still allowing airflow through the material. If you are wearing synthetic fabrics, make sure they are breathable, otherwise, they'll trap heat against your skin instead of letting it escape into the air around you!

If possible, avoid tight clothing that restricts blood flow or makes a lot of friction between parts of your body (like between thighs when biking). This can lead to chafing even if there aren't any rough edges rubbing together as just having extra pressure on certain areas could cause problems over time!

Avoid fragrance and active ingredients

If you are suffering from chafing, it can be tempting to apply lotions or skincare products to the irritated area as chafing remedies. However, if you apply lotion with fragrance or skincare with active ingredients, such as glycolic acid, you may irritate your skin further and cause more sensitivity. If you do wish to apply products to your skin, use an unscented lotion or ask your doctor for a gentle medical ointment to apply to your skin.

If these strategies don't work for you (or if they just aren't practical), then you’d be wise to consider something like a pair of thigh guards to help beat the chafing. What’s more, these undergarments are a great way to keep cool in the heat and are discreet, so can't be seen underneath clothing.


We hope these tips help you stay cool and avoid chafing in spring and summer. Remember to avoid synthetic fabrics and wear appropriate clothing to fend off any risk of chafing. If you’re struggling with chafing legs around your thigh or groin area, then thigh guards are the best way to mitigate chafing. Are you ready to enjoy a chafe-free summer?