The right clothing for Chafe

The right clothing for Chafe

Posted by Jack Miller on 8th Oct 2019

Summer can be a nightmare for those who suffer from thigh chafing. They struggle every time they wear their favorite clothing or follow their favorite physical activity. Clothes that trigger inner thigh chafing mostly include tightly fitted sportswear, beachwear, short shirts, miniskirts or skirts in general too. Some of the activities that could enhance the rash could be beach activities, long running or cycling or just a simple walk too.

Basically, the main reasons for the chafe are moisture due to sweating and friction due to skin and fabric contact. So many of us might think that changing our clothing style might get rid of the problem. However, this doesn't entirely work. Here are few of the clothing products that claim to treat and prevent the chafe, and the reasons why they don't work:

High Thigh Tights: These are tights/ pantyhose that have a thicker nylon fibre that covers the thigh area in order to prevent chafing. However, this product is not only expensive but also ineffective. The High Thigh Tights are not made for everyone as everyone has a different height and body structure. Hence, the nylon panels do not always lie in the affected area for everyone. Hence, there is no guarantee that the High Thigh Tights will give you relief from chafing. In addition to that, synthetic(s), hot and humid weather, activity and friction could be a disaster for many of us.

Chafing Shorts: In Gold Coast runners, shorts with built-in briefs can be a blessing but not always, it can sometimes be a curse too. The shorts available today in the market for chafing are most often made with fabrics that do not absorb sweat and rather trap heat in the inner thigh area. The accumulation of sweat brings in moisture and as a result, inner thigh chafing happens.

Well! If these popular anti-chafe clothing options don't work, what does?

Thigh Guards do! Oh yes, a great quality flexible pair of thigh guards are made with the perfect fabric that helps keep the chafe away. No matter whatever you are doing, good quality Thigh Guards will stay exactly in place and don't let your thighs brush against each other.

So, adorn the thigh bands and keep your thighs safe.