Thigh Bands - The Permanent Chafing Solution

Thigh Bands - The Permanent Chafing Solution

Posted by Jack Miller on 29th Nov 2019

Inner thigh chafing is possibly one of the most torturous thigh-related skin issues for both men and women. Chafing happens because of resistance while your inner thighs brush against each other. This grinding process results in damaged skin.

Nobody really thinks about the action of their thighs too often.  Every single time you take a step, moving forwards or backwards, your thighs are brushing passed each other.  A more realistic description would be to say that they are slamming into each other, bashing, mashing and squashing against each other.  Suffice it to say, that all of this destructive action slowly strips away the skin of your inner thigh area.  This slow and repetitive degradation of your skin over time, leads to open sores, and exposed raw skin that is red, injured and painful, we refer to this condition as thigh chafing. 

Some of the most common thigh chafing symptoms that most people face are:

  • redness
  • lesions and wounds
  • a flat shiny rash
  • stinging sensations in the inner thighs
  • sensitive skin
  • itchiness and irritation
  • pain and discomfort

For the longest time, people who have been struggling with inner thigh rashes, keep trying different solutions that can help them keep the dreaded rash at bay. Some of these popular options are:

Powders - Commonly thought of as the most effective way of keeping moisture away, most baby powders and talcum powders offer zero protection against chafing rash. The powder does not actually stay on your skin, within about 5 minutes of application, the powder has fallen off or been rubbed away.  The other very unfortunate problem with talcs is that they have been linked to the development of different cancers.

Creams - Many creams, lotions and topical agents claim to be the ultimate cure for the chafe. However, most creams are laden with chemicals that harm the skin in the long run. Most lotions feel very greasy and uncomfortable when applied, and because of their liquid nature, they rub off as soon as you start any physical activity.

Compression Wear - Many people depend upon compression wear to decrease the friction. Compression clothing have somehow been credited as making you perform better athletically, this is largely a fictitious narrative, and there are scientific studies which show that compression clothing has no demonstrable effect on muscular movements.  With regards to chafe, compression clothing is rather suffocating, and therefore creates heat and traps sweat,  this leads to an intense chafing rash more quickly than usual.

Then what is the ultimate solution?

Anti-chafing thigh bands could be the solution you have always been looking for. Thigh bands are stretchable specifically designed bands that you wear around your thighs. These work by creating a physical barrier that does not let your thighs touch while you walk around or exercise.  You can wear all of wear your favourite clothes and be totally relaxed and comfortable while these Thigh Bands are safely underneath it all. For ladies who suffer when they wear, tight clothes or long dresses these stylish anti-chafing bands women are the ideal solution for all women.

We bet you are already looking for your favourite dress in the cabinet!