Use These Essential Oils for Immediate Relief from Chafing

Use These Essential Oils for Immediate Relief from Chafing

Posted by Jack Miller on 7th Jan 2020

Summers are all about outdoor workouts, theme parks, and lots of fun activities. But the worst part about these hot, sticky summer days is the painful chafe. Big or small, fat or slim everyone experiences chafing at some point in their lives. Now, if you have never used thigh guards, you know what a pain chafing is. Imagine a wonderful walk in the park, without the thigh guards gold coast, only to experience a stabbing burn in your inner thighs.

Here is a list of some essential oils that provide immediate relief from chafing.

1.Coconut Oil

Use it for cooking to make the dish tastier, massage it on your scalp to make your hair stronger and healthier and apply it on your skin to get rid of any irritation. However,it will only soothe the irritation and is not a preventive measure for chafing.

2.Lavender Oil

To alleviate the burning sensation and irritation caused by chafing, add a few drops of lavender oil with 12 oz of sodium bicarbonate to your bath. The antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties of lavender oil will soothe the pain and sodium bicarbonate will provide immediate relief from itching.

3.Olive Oil

Olive oil is known to have powerful moisturizing properties and can be for immediate relief from chafing in Gold Coast. The best way to use olive oil is to apply it to your skin after a shower. It will help soothe the burns while keeping your skin moisturized.

Essential oils do provide immediate relief from chafing in Gold Coast weather, but it cannot be used as a preventive measure. The best way to prevent chafing is to use thigh guards that act as a barrier between two skin surfaces. With thigh guards gold coast, say no more chafe, and enjoy summers the way you want.