What brings chafe and makes it worse

What brings chafe and makes it worse

Posted by Jack Miller on 12th Oct 2019

While we are always looking for Chafing Remedies for Women and men, it is also important to know what some of the reasons are that make you more susceptible to this torture. Is it some of your habits, your routine or it's just your skin type? There could be many explicable and inexplicable reasons that the chafe keeps coming back to you.

Here are some things that might be causing it for you:

  1. Clothes that have thick seams-It is not always the material of the clothing that causes chafing, it could also be the seams on the fabric that might be making you miserable. Clothing with thick seams in tight places like the border hem of your shorts could be a legit reason for your inner thigh chafe.
  2. Sitting cross-legged for a long duration- If you have the tendency crossing your legs for a long time because of work or travel or lifestyle, this could be the culprit for your rash troubles. This increases skin to skin contact and makes the chafe more prevalent.
  3. Short clothes- Dresses like shorts, miniskirts and short dresses is one of the most common reasons behind the chafe. On a humid day, while you are on vacation, shorts can perhaps make your day very sad. Short shorts or even Chafing Shorts for women ride up easily leaving the thighs exposed to friction and chafing.
  4. Not drying your skin completely- Not drying yourself properly because you are in a hurry after you took a bath could cost you a couple of painful days. Wet skin and physical activity could be a bad combination for those who are prone to chafing.
  5. Taking the beach with you!- Yes! the sun and the sand are a great combination for the vacation but not so much for your delicate skin. Letting the sand and salt particles stay on your skin for longer durations could be an invitation for your unpleasant visitor.
  6. Winter outings- Winters bring dry skin and excessive dryness can leave your skin red, raw and chafed. Inappropriate winter clothing and long hours of walking in the cold irritates your skin and inner thigh chafing happens.
  7. Poorly fitted clothing-It's not only the tight clothes that cause the rash, but loose clothes like baggy jeans and loose pants also bunch up and create friction in the inner thigh area. This friction leads to inner thigh chafing that can make you very miserable.
  8. Excessive physical activity- Long-running sessions, cycling trips and spinning classes in the gym can cause your thighs to chafe. These activities make you sweat, the trapped sweat creates friction. As a result of this friction experiencing chafing is common.

You cannot stop most of the above activities as they are a part of your life and lifestyle. So, a great way to enjoy life while keeping the chafe away wearing anti-chafing thigh bands that create a physical barrier and stops your thighs from rubbing.