What Does Chafing Look Like?

What Does Chafing Look Like?

Posted by Jack Miller on 10th Oct 2022

Chafing is a highly irritating and painful problem that can disrupt your daily life. While it is a very common issue, it can also be easily mistaken for other problems like heat rash, so it is important to be able to spot the difference in order to tackle the root issue. In order to do this, you need to understand what chafing looks like, so carry on reading to find out.

What does chafing look like?

Chafing is when the skin rubs together and becomes sore and irritable. Not only does it feel uncomfortable, but the skin looks red and raw, often like a rash. If you have a more serious case of chafed skin, the affected area may even look swollen or crust over. It may even bleed in some cases. Rashes can occur on the armpits, under-breast area, crotch and chafing legs, so if you spot any of these signs in these areas, it could very well be chafing.

How to cure chafing

There are a variety of chafing remedies that you can get from a pharmacy in order to cool and calm your skin so that the rash dies down. There are also medications that will help with the pain and irritation. However, these won't stop the problem from occurring again, which is why taking some preventative measures is important.

How to avoid chafing

There are a number of things you can do to avoid chafing, including:

• Wearing tight clothing, especially when exercising or going for a walk
• Keeping the area dry with a non-talcum absorbent body powder
• Using a lubricant on the spots that are prone to chafing, like a petroleum jelly
• Drinking lots of water to keep your skin healthy - this will allow you to perspire freely and prevent your sweat from drying into salt crystals that enhance the chances of chafing.

What is the best way to avoid chafing?

While all of the above can work, the best way to avoid chafing is by wearing anti-chafing shorts. These work by preventing the build-up of friction and rubbing on your skin or between your skin and clothes. Working in similar ways, anti-chafing thigh bands, thigh compression sleeves and anti-chafing underwear can all also help to prevent chafing. These items are discreet and can be worn under any outfit, or even in the sea or around the pool.

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