What Is Chafing?

What Is Chafing?

Posted by Jack Miller on 5th Sep 2022

If you haven’t experienced chafing, many people might say you’re lucky. However, you may have experienced it without realising it. In this article, we explain what chafing is and how you can combat it.

What is chafing?

Chafe occurs when parts of the body rub together or when skin rubs against other surfaces, commonly clothes. This causes skin irritation or even red rashes which are known as chafing. It can be painful and annoying since it is hard to prevent in some cases.

There are lots of people who are more prone to chafing rash, including obese people or athletes with specially developed muscles such as long-distance athletes who battle running chafing. It is also a common problem in some professions, for example, carpenters, chefs and dog walkers.

Why does chafing occur?

The basic cause of chafing is friction, moisture or irritating fabric. Any extensive rubbing on your skin can cause this burn and in extreme cases, can even lead to swelling and bleeding.

One thing that can be the root of these problems is ill-fitting clothing including bra straps or waistbands. As well as this, chafing can commonly occur at the beach due to the salty residue and sand left on your skin. Similarly, outfits like dresses or skirts allow for thigh rub which is a very common cause of chafing legs.

How to prevent chafing

If you’re looking for a chafing treatment for your sore skin, it is widely reported that the best thing for chafing and the closest to a chafing cure you will get is to clean the area with water and apply petroleum jelly.

However, instead of looking for chafing remedies, a better option is to prevent chafing altogether.

How to stop thigh chafing

If you’re experienced chafing, you’ll know it’s painful and irritable. It can ruin your day and put a miserable spin on an otherwise fun occasion or day out.

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