What to Wear Under Wedding Dress to Prevent Chafing

What to Wear Under Wedding Dress to Prevent Chafing

Posted by Jack Miller on 11th Dec 2022

So the big day's finally arrived, and while you dance the night away the last thing you want to deal with is the redness and irritation that comes with chafing. If you're preparing to get married, you'll be pleased to know there are things you can do to keep yourself feeling your best, and to prevent chafing as you celebrate. Read more to learn what you can wear under your wedding dress to keep chafing at bay.

Why might I have chafing on my wedding day?

Wedding attire can cause chafing because it's different to what you usually wear. If you've got many undergarments, lots of lace, and new shoes to boot, it's hard to know where you might feel discomfort first. If your dress is fitted and makes it more difficult to walk, your thighs might rub together more often and cause irritation and chafing.

What can I do to prevent chafing:

There are things you can wear underneath your dress to keep chafing at bay on your wedding day.

A slip

Some brides choose to wear a slip or underskirt underneath their dress to prevent chafing, but this approach really doesn't work for everyone and might not prevent irritation from occurring.

Bodyshorts or bike shorts

Wearing shorts underneath your dress can definitely prevent chafing, but it might not be ideal if you're wearing a fitted dress and don't want the line of your shorts to be visible.

Anti-chafing lotion

This lotion, or even baby powder, can help lubricate your thighs and keep them from rubbing together and causing irritation, but these can be messy and take time to apply. What's more, while creams and lubricants protect your skin, they don't actually prevent chafing, so your skin will keep rubbing together, wearing down the layer of powder or cream, and exposing you to chafing unless you reapply your cream or powder.

Thigh guards

Thigh guards are the best thing for chafing, they prevent all rashes and any irritation. They're easy to wear, won't be visible under your dress, and are fashionable, too. Thigh guards feature a protective flap to shield your inner thighs and keep the thigh guards lasting for the long term. You'll be able to move as much as you want - even dance the night away - without worrying about your thigh guard slipping or pulling down. And unlike lotions or powders, you won't need to worry about reapplication or about mess. Thigh guards are made to stay on and to stay in place for as long as you need them, and are a great choice for your perfect day.

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