What's It Like to Chafe As A Waiter?

What's It Like to Chafe As A Waiter?

Posted by Jack Miller on 7th Feb 2022

Imagine you're starting to work a hectic shift on a warm and humid day. You begin to feel the heat increasing in your body as the shift progresses. You feel your stomach-churning, but you're busy and meals need to be served. It isn't until you take a seat after your shift, whether for a quick bite or to get into your car, that you notice your inner thighs are on fire, with the onset of chafing legs. If this is you, read on to learn more about what it's like to chafe as a waiter, the causes and how to prevent it from happening today.

What causes chafing as a waiter?

Chafing is a result of friction, which occurs when your skin rubs against another surface, such as cloth. Perhaps you're sweating profusely at an outdoor venue, nervously preparing a meal for a special guest, or just wearing the most brutal of materials in the restaurant heat.

Sweating aggravates the condition by making the skin moist and salty, causing the chafed region to hurt. Chafing is not a dangerous condition, but it can keep you out of action for a day or so.

How to prevent chafing as a waiter?

Here are 3 ways to keep chafing in check if you're a waiter:

1. Wear the correct underwear

While you may be tempted to wear cotton underwear to work on a regular basis, it does not dry fast enough to keep you comfy. It soaks up your perspiration and then makes you fester in it all day. This is the ideal situation for chafing. Instead, switch to polyester boxer briefs or compression chafing shorts. Find ones that state explicitly that they are 'moisture or perspiration wicking' as their materials draw perspiration away from the skin and allow it to escape through the opposite side, allowing you to dry faster.

2. Apply aloe vera on the skin

Aloe vera contains anti-inflammatory and healing qualities, making it ideal for both prevention and treatment of chafed skin. It often comes in a compact squeeze bottle, and the liquid itself applies smoothly and absorbs quickly into the skin, keeping the afflicted area chafe-free.

3. Keep body wipes on-hand

It never hurts to have an extra body wipe on hand for days when you expect chafing. By washing away the sweaty accumulation on your legs and around your groin, you may avoid more than simply chafing—you can also avoid bacterial infections.

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Skin chafing should not be neglected - especially while working as a waiter. Without medication, mild chafing can increase, leading to bruising, infections or scarring. Chafing may typically be managed at home or with over-the-counter medicines, but if the irritated and inflamed skin is inflamed or bleeding, seek medical attention straight away. A prescription for a medical ointment may be required to avoid bruising.

We acknowledge that chafed skin is a big concern for many individuals. So, visit No More Chafe today for goods and suggestions to help you prevent thigh chafing.