What’s It Like To Chafe During Soccer?

What’s It Like To Chafe During Soccer?

Posted by Jack Miller on 17th Jan 2022

If you have recently played a game of soccer at your local football club and have gotten particularly sweaty, you may have noticed that some areas of your body, specifically your groin area, are red and sore. This is what is known as chafing, and it can be incredibly painful.

If you are a soccer player, you don’t want something as annoying and painful as thigh chafing from affecting how you play. In this article, we’ll discuss what chafing feels like when you’re playing soccer, and what you can do to prevent chafing during your next soccer match.

What is chafing?

Chafing is a painful skin irritation that can occur when the skin sweats and is most likely to occur during exercise. When you sweat and your skin becomes wet, it can begin to rub together. Over time, this rubbing together of the skin can result in the skin breaking, which can result in painful redness and, over a significant amount of time, can even cause bleeding.

When you are playing soccer, it is likely that you are wearing fairly loose shorts, because you are doing a lot of running and exercise while you are chasing after the ball. If you are wearing loose underwear or shorts, there is the opportunity for your legs to rub together, which can result in chafing if you sweat.

This can be incredibly painful and can stop you from playing your best, but fortunately, there are some ways that you can reduce chafing.

How to stop thigh chafing during soccer

As with most medical issues, prevention is always better than cure. The best way to cure chafing while you are playing soccer is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Because chafing typically occurs when you sweat, make sure that you apply antiperspirant to any areas that might sweat, such as the armpit area or groin area. It is better to use a dry antiperspirant, such as a roll-on or powder.

Another easy way you can prevent chafing during soccer is to wear appropriate underwear. Consider investing in anti-chafing underwear, which is underwear that is specifically designed to prevent chafing around the thighs and groin area. With anti-wicking technology, any sweat that you create while you are playing soccer will be absorbed by the underwear, meaning that chafing won’t occur.

To prevent chafing, make sure that you wear synthetic materials (which most soccer kits tend to be made from) as these materials absorb moisture.

How to treat chafing after soccer

Although you might try and do everything you can to stop chafing, it can still happen. If you have got some serious chafing, make sure that you take the time to rest, and don’t play another game of soccer until it has healed. Make sure you wash your skin, then apply antibacterial ointment to keep the wound clean.

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