What's It Like To Chafe Walking The Dogs?

What's It Like To Chafe Walking The Dogs?

Posted by Jack Miller on 28th Mar 2022

Chafing occurs when the skin interacts with sweat, creating friction and leaving behind nasty red marks and uncomfortable irritation. If you enjoy taking long walks with your furry little friend, you've probably experienced chafing at some point and know how annoying it can be. To find out how to prevent it, carry on reading.

How does chafing occur whilst walking the dog?

Chafing can affect a number of areas of your body, including your thighs, groin, underarms and nipples. You may even find that when you walk, your skin rubs against what's called the 'friction ridge' on your feet, which can cause some nasty and uncomfortable chafing here. Walking your dog on a hot day or taking them on a long walk are probably the two biggest causes of chafing - if you're wearing a dress, shorts or a skirt, for example, you're likely going to experience thigh chafing, as there isn’t a barrier stopping the two from rubbing against one another.

How to prevent chafing whilst walking the dog

Chafing can happen to anyone, but it's still something that many of us feel embarrassed about. It's uncomfortable and can be painful, and it's just not something we want to talk about. If you're with your dog chasing them around and you get some running chafing then it's not the biggest deal in the world.

But why does chafing make us feel so embarrassed? Is it because we're worried that people will think we're dirty or smelling bad? Or is it because we're afraid that they'll think we're not taking care of ourselves properly? Whatever the reason, chafing isn't something to be ashamed of, though there are some ways you can prevent it from occurring as you walk your dog. 

Change your outfit

Whilst summer dresses, flowing skirts and shorts may look cute, they can be impractical on long walks. This means that the first thing to do to prevent chafing whilst walking the dog is to consider what you're wearing. Make sure you're wearing the right clothing, i.e, loose-fitting, breathable fabrics as they will help reduce friction and minimise skin irritation.

However, chafing doesn’t mean that you have to completely do away with your favourite wardrobe pieces. You can still be comfortable and chafe-free whilst walking the dog in your favourite pair of shorts by slipping a pair of anti chafing thigh bands on underneath. They’re typically made from microfibre fabric that sits underneath your clothing, acting as an invisible barrier between your skin and clothes.

Layer up on anti-chafe cream

The second tip to bear in mind before walking the dogs is to use a light layer of specialist anti-chafe cream, petroleum jelly or other lubricants on areas that are prone to chafing (such as the thighs, feet, groin, etc). This will create a barrier between your skin and your clothing, reducing the chances of irritation.

For more tips, feel free to contact our team at No More Chafe today – we’d be more than happy to help!