When Spring Brings the Chafe

When Spring Brings the Chafe

Posted by Jack Miller on 24th Sep 2019

Oh yes, spring is the season. The sun is shining nice and bright, the flowers are budding, the breeze is gentle , the birds are chirpy and there seems to be love in the air. However, you are not as pepped as you should be because your thighs burn with every step you take.

Well, trust that you are not the only one, many thighs around you are bearing the brunt of this sweaty spring issue!  Higher and hotter temperatures bring about lots of perspiration, and this sweat has an important function, to cool down the body, and keep you moving without overheating. This has unintended consequences though, because when you sweat, your body evacuates salts & minerals that can actually cause harm to the areas where there is direct skin on skin contact. 

Warm weather is no friend for skin on skin friction, and one of the critical areas on your body is your inner thighs.  This is an area where contact is directly made, because your thighs are constantly brushing passed each other.  When this sliding contact is made, all of the salts & minerals dig into your skin and start tearing it apart like sandpaper.  That's why you will find that once you start sweating, you get chafe so much faster. It's not just inner thighs that can be affected, this can also be seen on the underarms.  The rub between your arms and body makes your skin burn the very same way it will between you thighs. Symptoms like irritation, burning and rashing of the skin are linked directly to this friction, and the formal name for this condition is chafe or chafing.

For years now men and women have been suffering from chafing, especially inner thigh chafing and are looking for chafing treatment in Brisbane. Chafe makes everyday activities difficult to perform. While you are experiencing chafing, you might encounter the following symptoms:

  1. Raw skin
  2. Pain
  3. Burning
  4. Swelling
  5. Redness
  6. Blistering
  7. Bleeding

When you are suffering from chafe you might be experiencing one or more of the above mentioned signs. If your activity levels are high or your routine involves a lot of running or walking you might be facing more severe symptoms.

Would this mean that you need to reduce your activity levels to get rid of the chafe and its symptoms? No, not at all! In fact, inner thigh chafing in Australia can be prevented simply by placing a physical barrier between your legs that prevents the skin from rubbing against each other. The perfect chafing remedies for men and women could be wearing good quality Thigh Guards underneath their favourite clothing. Thigh guards are the only 100% effective way to stop chafe entirely.  The best thing is, you can wear them all day and night, wash them, and they'll be ready to go again the very next morning.