Why Chafing Shouldn't Hold You Back From Running

Why Chafing Shouldn't Hold You Back From Running

Posted by Jack Miller on 22nd Jul 2020

During lockdown, many people took up the hobby of running as a way to exercise, without having to use a gym and to make the most of their outdoor time. Some people, however, may feel reluctant or nervous about taking up running because they're afraid of chafing. Running is a great, enjoyable way to stay fit so you should not let the fear of chafing legs prevent you from enjoying this great exercise. Thankfully, there are solutions and ways you can reduce chafing.

Top Tips for Reducing Chafing whilst Running

1. Wear shorts that fit correctly

Many people mistakenly think that they should wear loose fabrics to prevent their shorts from chafing their legs. In reality, however, loose fabrics can rub away at your skin so fitted shorts are a better option. You should, however, also avoid wearing shorts that are too tight as this can constrict the skin.

2. Start small

If you are worried about running because of chafing, start by taking up a similar hobby such as hiking which is similar to running but less vigorous. This will help you to build your confidence in the outdoor environment and can help your body manage to aerobic exercise and adapt to sweating during activity.

3. Avoid lubrication

You may have, wrongly, been told that lubricants such as Vaseline should be applied to the areas of your body that require chafing treatment. In reality, however, you should avoid lubricants at all costs as they are not suitable solutions to chafing. As you run, lubricants will quickly wear away and you will soon begin to experience chafing once again.

4. Wear anti-chafing bands

The easiest and most effective way to prevent chafing whilst you're running is to wear an anti-chafing bands. Unlike soft lubricant, a physical material barrier will not wear down as you run and will keep chafing firmly at bay. There is no chance that you will chafe because these tailor made thigh bands adapt to the movements of your body throughout the day. Thigh guards are available in multiple different sizes so it will be easy for all shapes of people to pick the size that fits their body perfectly.

5. Stay hydrated

Whilst running, no matter the distance, it is important you run with a water bottle and stay hydrated for the duration of your run. Dehydration can cause your skin to become dry and increase the levels of salt in your sweat. Dry, flaky skin is much more likely to become chafed and irritated, so ensure you stay hydrated as you run. Salt is also irritating to your skin, by drinking enough water and reducing the salt in your sweat you can limit how irritated your skin is and avoid chafing.

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