Working from Home: Avoid Chafing for Good

Working from Home: Avoid Chafing for Good

Posted by Jack Miller on 18th Nov 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has completely transformed the way we work. Many people across the country have been forced to work from home in an effort to stop the spread of infection in offices. For some this has been a welcome change, allowing more daytime freedom and avoiding the annoying commute. But, did you know that working from home can also be incredibly beneficial if you suffer from chafing?

The problem with chafing

Chafing is an irritation of the skin which is caused by repetitive friction, often occurring between the inner thighs and glutes. For some, this may only be an occasional issue, but for others, it can result in painful, damaged areas of skin which make doing day to day tasks difficult. The office environment is one the worst places for a person suffering from chafing. Wearing uncomfortable clothes, sitting at a desk all day and being in a warm environment are all factors which can increase the risk of chafing.

Make the most of home working

If you have been asked to work at home due to the pandemic, then this is the perfect opportunity to relieve your chafing pain. Working at home gives you certain freedoms which the office cannot. For example, chafing can often be worsened by wearing tight and scratchy clothes. Yet, many workplaces require uniforms made from non-absorbent fabrics or uncomfortable formal wear to be worn. Working at home allows you to choose looser and softer items which won’t irritate your skin. This provides immediate relief, soothing your pain immediately.

Break away from the desk

In an office setting, you may find yourself confined to a desk. Over time, the friction between your legs as you sit with them together can cause severe irritation. Luckily, with working at home, you can choose an office set up that works for you. You can choose to sit on a sofa or a comfy armchair, or even stand while you work. Alternate your working position regularly to give your skin a break and avoid unnecessary friction.

Bring out the ice pack

When an individual suffers from a bad case of chafing, they may require an ice pack to provide instant relief. In the office, carrying around an ice pack can lead to all kinds of questions. But when working at home, you can apply ice to the affected areas whenever you need to. This allows for instant pain relief with no judgement.

Purchase anti-chafing bands

While you may love working from home, there is a chance that you may be required to work in the office after the pandemic. But don’t panic- there is a solution to help you with an easy and chafe-free return to work. Anti-chafe bands can be worn under your clothing to provide a discrete and effective solution to chafing. By protecting the vulnerable skin of the thigh, these thigh bands eliminate friction and prevent chafing.

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