4 Ways to Prevent Chafing While Being Active

4 Ways to Prevent Chafing While Being Active

Posted by Jack Miller on 24th Dec 2020

A workout can be amazing and can give you a fantastic high. It can also help you de-stress and aid you in your weight loss goals. But chafing is one thing that can really put a painful sting on any new lease of life. Chafing is a result of friction that occurs when skin rubs excessively against itself or clothing. It can manifest as red, raw and irritated skin that usually occurs when your legs, arms or bra area rubs together when wet (usually with sweat).

Today we explore four ways to prevent chafing when being active:

1) Create a barrier

The reason you're chafing is because your legs, bra area or arms are rubbing together or against wet clothing, creating friction. Creating a barrier between these two areas will prevent the rub and stop the skin from getting raw and irritated. You can spread on a light layer of a product like Vaseline or moisturiser to create a barrier. You can also purchase our anti-chafing shorts as these also create a barrier for you and prevent any rubbing while wearing this anti-chafing solution.

2) Mix up your workout

If you feel that walking or running is causing your chafing then try something different for a day or two. Pilates, yoga or bike riding for example may result in less friction. Mixing up your workout regime will prevent prolonged continuous repetitive rubbing. Switching up your routine will also use different muscle groups and help you get more fit, toned and all-round healthier. Try and aim for a different workout regime on alternate days with a few rest days mixed into your week to really get on top of your chafing.

3) Wear the correct clothing

Breathable clothing made from synthetic moisture-wicking fabrics (think Lycra and Spandex) draws the sweat away from your skin keeping you dry and reducing chafing. If you're planning to work out in shorts, try a pair of our chafe shorts. Many runners swear by these chafing shorts that prevent your thighs from rubbing together. Also purchasing items that fit correctly (especially bras) will help prevent chafing and the straps digging into the skin causing irritation.

4) Be active in cooler parts of the day

This will prevent you excessively sweating and will keep you drier in the areas of your body that are prone to chafe. If you live in an area that's very dry during the day, try walking in the afternoon or dusk. It's not as hot during this time of the day and you're less likely to sweat. Don't run in the rain unless you have specific wet weather gear or you're running inside as wet clothing will rub and cause friction marks and chafe.

Exercise and working out is great for your body and health. If you get back from a walk or run and you've noticed chafing or a rash, there are a few ways to prevent the issue in future. Prevention is better than treating the chafing so follow the 4 preventative measures outlined above and you will hopefully never have to deal with dreaded chafing again.