Anti-Chafe Underwear is Actually a Thing?

Anti-Chafe Underwear is Actually a Thing?

Posted by Jack Miller on 23rd Sep 2021

Yes! All across Australia, thousands of men and women suffer each day with painful red chafe marks in areas such as the crotch and thighs. Whether you're at work, on a walk with the dog or enjoying a trip to the beach, this unpleasant burning sensation can occur at any time.

If you suffer from chafing, you've probably tried everything you can think of, from sleeping naked to rubbing ointments, moisturisers and creams into your skin. Although these can help with the effects of chafing, they're not an effective means of preventing it. Anti-chafing underwear, on the other hand, is designed to do specifically to put an end to chafe. To learn why it may be the right anti-chafing solution for you, carry on reading.

Does my underwear cause chafing?

You may not realise it, but traditional underwear can irritate your skin if it’s made from materials such as silk, silicone, latex, or cotton. The perpetrator could even be your fanciest pair! This is because, while these materials soak up your sweat, your skin is still left feeling damp, which becomes uncomfortable when your thighs rub together. And so, the chafing begins - as does the bright red marks with which it announces its arrival! Anti-chafe underwear, however, is built differently.

How is anti-chafe underwear any better?

Rather than turning up for a day’s work going commando – which definitely isn’t advised - or just simply putting up with the chafing caused by your old underwear, give an anti-chafe pair a shot. We promise it’s worth it, as anti-chafing underwear does exactly what it says on the tin: it prevents chafing from striking in the first place.

Cut from material such as CoolMax, the best type of anti-chafe underwear to invest in are the ones that fit tight to your body. With no excess fabric, there are fewer opportunities for your skin to chafe.

What style of anti-chafe underwear do you recommend?

For both men and women looking for the most comfortable style of chafing underwear, we advise that you look into a pair of boxer shorts. The material is tight-fitting and extremely soft. As the material on this type of underwear typically runs longer, you’re hitting two birds with one stone as they cover both the crotch and the thighs. We also suggest that you opt for a pair with a wider waistband as thinner ones are more likely to dig into the skin and cause irritation.

However, if you’re a woman and aren't keen about wearing a pair of boxers to work, there’s no reason to worry! Often, there are seamless boxer shorts available that are invisible under your work attire. For more information on anti-chafing underwear, feel free to contact our team at No More Chafe today.