Can Chafing Cause Bumps?

Can Chafing Cause Bumps?

Posted by Jack Miller on 4th Jul 2022

If you’ve ever experienced chafing of any kind, you’ll be more than aware of how uncomfortable it can be and how unconfident it can leave you feeling.

The outcome of prolonged chafing might be sore, red skin that stings or burns, developing a mild to severe rash, and (if not dealt with appropriately) cracked, swollen and bleeding skin.

But another, slightly less common, affliction caused by chafing? Bumps on the affected areas of chafed skin.

Why does chafing cause bumps?

Chafing is usually caused by a combination of irritating fabrics, moisture and friction. Because of this, chafing legs are most likely to happen when you’re walking around or engaged in any other form of exercise.

Some fabrics are more likely to chafe than others. This is especially true if you have sensitive skin or any allergies to different components of certain materials. Allergies to some detergents and cleaning products can also add to chafing.

In this instance, you might experience small, raised bumps across the chafed skin areas - most commonly inside the thighs. Alongside other chafing symptoms, this can lead to significant discomfort.

How can you treat bumps caused by chafing?

There are a few different ways you can treat bumps caused by chafing. Below are a couple of effective treatments:

Applying a topical, anti-rash cream to help reduce redness and swelling: Your local pharmacy will likely stock a range of suitable creams, so it’s worth speaking with your pharmacist for recommendations.

Use a cooling ice pack: You can easily make an ice pack by placing some ice cubes into a plastic bag, wrapping this in a small towel and applying it to the afflicted areas. This can help reduce swelling and soreness and help keep your skin cool to minimise the appearance of the bumps.

How can you prevent bumps caused by chafing?

In our opinion, prevention is always better than cure. If you want to stop bumps caused by chafing in the future, we recommend:

• Assessing what soap and detergent products you’re using to eliminate any allergic reactions that could exacerbate chafing and your skin.

• Applying baby powder to the areas where bumps come up, as this can reduce moisture in the area resulting in less fraction and less chafing.

But our best recommendation to prevent bumps? Investing in a high-quality pair of anti chafing shorts, anti-chafing underwear or anti-chafing thigh guards.

These products are tailored to prevent all chafing and, in doing so, prevent all symptoms associated with prolonged chafing.

When investing in these products, measure correctly so you can get the best fit that will protect your skin and stop chafing for good.

Ready to stop bumps caused by chafing once and for all?

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