Can You Use Deodorant for Chafing?

Can You Use Deodorant for Chafing?

Posted by Jack Miller on 31st Jan 2022

There are several products available, such as gels, to help soothe the effects of chafing. However, since everyone's body chemistry is different, some remedies work better for one individual than others. In this blog, we're going to explore the effectiveness of deodorant for chafing to find the perfect remedy for you.

Deodorant: yes or no for chafing?

Wearing deodorant while running can help avoid chafing rash — even in places besides your underarms. An effective antiperspirant avoids sweat-related irritation by keeping your skin dry. Deodorant also functions as a lubricant, soothing the skin and reducing friction. Pick a good deodorant for sensitive skin or an organic brand created with plant nutrients if you already have sensitive skin that chafes easily.

How to apply deodorant to skin

This may sound strange, but chances are you already have a deodorant spray or stick, so why not give it a shot? Massage the deodorant stick over your thighs, especially where they rub together and cause a thigh rub burn.

Anti-chafing creams or gels act in a similar way, but some people complain that they don't like how they feel, so these aren't the best options for everyone. A little travel-sized deodorant, on the other hand, is also small enough to fit into your handbag!

The downsides of wearing deodorant for chafed skin

On the flip side, however, deodorant can discolour your clothes and you may need to reapply it on a regular basis throughout the day. And, if your thighs or underarms are already chafed, then this remedy isn't for you! It's never a wise idea to put deodorant on damaged skin as it can cause further irritation and discomfort.

When it's time to call the doctor

After you've treated your chafed skin, give it a few days to recover. If the friction was created by your clothing, remember to wear running tops and bottoms created from soft cotton or bamboo. These will help to reduce chafing in the future and keep you confident during your workouts.

If the chafing does not improve in a few days or worsens, consult your doctor. Bleeding, discolouration, swelling and cracking might all be symptoms of an infection that needs medical attention. Additionally, consulting with your doctor may help avoid future instances of severe chafing.

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Skin chafing shouldn't be ignored. So, don't forget to give deodorant a go for your chafed skin. Without care, mild chafing can increase, leading to bleeding. Chafing can typically be managed at home or with over-the-counter medicines, but if the afflicted region becomes inflamed or sore, make sure to seek medical advice.

We understand that chafed skin is an inconvenience for many people. It's so common that most of us have probably experienced it at some point in our lives! So, visit us at No More Chafe today for solutions and advice that will help you avoid or treat chafed skin.