How Can I Prevent Chafing in Winter?

How Can I Prevent Chafing in Winter?

Posted by Jack Miller on 26th Aug 2021

It’s a common misconception that chafing only occurs in the summertime. To some, the rashes and irritation are merely synonymous with getting out and about on walks, doing exercise, or working in the warmer weather. Some believe that chafing is triggered only by the friction caused by the rubbing together of sweaty thighs, for example. Unfortunately, chafing during the winter may be more than that for some. It can be caused by uncomfortable layers such as an unfortunate pair of tights rubbing against the thighs during walks, or by chafe prone-skin becoming more dry and cracking with colder weather. Whatever the cause, the result can be highly frustrating. So, to tackle this, our experts have compiled this blog comprising tips on how to prevent chafing during the winter months.

Use anti-chafe shorts or bands

One of the most effective preventative measures for chafing during winter is to incorporate a few pairs of anti-chafe shorts or bands into your wardrobe. By slipping a pair of specialist anti chafing shorts under your dress, skirt, or trousers, the lycra material acts as a barrier that separates the thighs and protects the groin, whatever exercise you may be doing - maybe a long winter walk or cycle. Wheher you opt for the anti-chafe shorts or bands, they even act as a practical winter solution, giving you extra warmth under your normal clothes. At No More Chafe, our range is long-lasting and highly affordable despite the numerous benefits, it is the best thing for chafing so make sure to take a look.

Use deodorant on chafe prone areas

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. By using deodorant on chafe prone areas, which does include the underarms, you are preventing the build-up of sweat, which is one of the biggest chafing aggressors. Chafe prone areas may also include the groin and thighs, so using deodorant here is often a good idea. Aside from its usual job, deodorant will reduce the chance of skin coarsely rubbing together and causing further damage. This is especially ideal if, like many of us, a pair of tights are a staple in your winter wardrobe! We also suggest looking for deodorants that are hypoallergenic for those of you with sensitive skin as this in itself will act to soothe troublesome areas.

Wear seamless underwear

This tip is great for both the summer and winter months - next time you're doing some shopping, why not pick up a few pairs of seamless underwear? One of the key aggressors for groin chafing is the bands inside your underwear, as they can dig into your skin and rub harshly against it as you walk. By buying seamless underwear, you’re removing not just the elasticated bands, but also the power that they have over the skin. Trust us, you'll never look back.

For more information on how to prevent wintertime chafing, don't hesitate to contact our team at No More Chafe.