How Chafing can Ruin a Wedding

How Chafing can Ruin a Wedding

Posted by Jack Miller on 19th May 2021

Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life. Whether you’re getting married or your best friend is, you want to enjoy yourself and make the day as special as possible. The last thing you need is thigh chafing – having the skin between your legs rubbed painfully raw – stopping you from dancing and moving freely. But if you’re in the wedding party – bride or bridesmaid, groom or groomsman – you’re at particular risk of chafing due to your responsibilities making you sweat.

How can chafing occur at a wedding?

Being a part of the wedding party all day can be extremely active. Chances are you’ll only be sitting down to eat or listen to speeches, with the rest of the time spent greeting guests, having photos taken, assisting the bride or groom, or dancing.

You’ll be dressed in formal wear which, while looking great, may feel hot and uncomfortable after a few hours. Add to this you may be moving in and out of different temperatures all day – a beautiful but stuffy church, an overly air-conditioned car, a hot, humid outdoor setting for photos. You'll be sweating and shivering interchangeably beneath your fancy clothes, adding to the risk of chafing. It’s worth remembering too that chafing affects people of all shapes and sizes.

Could you use a barrier cream or talcum powder?

These might work at first, but will inevitably rub off during the day. Excusing yourself to go to the bathroom and apply more is not only a nuisance but quite a feat. A bride traditionally needs her bridesmaids to hold up her dress while going to the toilet, so the logistics of applying cream and powder – without making a mess – are challenging! Similarly, if you’re a groomsman, you most definitely don’t want to risk having white splotches on your dark-coloured suit.

Should I wear thigh bands? How do they work?

Thigh bands are an excellent way to stop chafing. They provide a physical barrier of protection, with silicone grippers that adhere to your skin. The more you sweat, the better the thigh guards grip.

Unlike compression pants or bike shorts, thigh guards protect your skin without trapping body heat. They feature a protective flap for the skin while still allowing full, active movement, with available for maximum comfort.

Aren’t thigh bands kind of inelegant for a wedding?

Anti chafing thigh bands are just like wearing socks or underwear. You put them on when you get dressed and they stay up all day. If you’re squeezing into shapewear or a corset to wear under your dress, thigh guards should be considered an essential part of the support team!

Whether you’re part of the wedding party or one half of the happy couple, a wedding should be a truly special event where you can fully enjoy yourself. You want to both look, and feel, fantastic. Don’t let chafing get in the way – put some thigh guards on under your dress or tux and move freely on the dance floor. Visit our store today for our full range of products and sizes.