How to Prevent Chafing

How to Prevent Chafing

Posted by Jack Miller on 9th Jan 2023

Chafing is a skin irritation that occurs when your skin rubs against itself and often presents in areas like your inner thighs, but it can be caused by many other things too. If you've ever experienced chafing before, you know how much it can hurt and how hard it is to prevent it in the future. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to stop chafing from happening again! In this post, we'll go over some ways that you can keep your skin from becoming irritated during workouts or other physical activities.

Wear moisture-wicking fabric

Moisture-wicking fabric is designed to help you stay dry by pulling sweat away from the body and dispersing it to the air. This makes you feel cooler, more comfortable, and drier for longer periods of time. An excellent example of this type of material includes thigh guards which not only offer moisture-wicking but protect against chafing.

Moisture-wicking fabrics are often used in athletic clothing (like shorts and shirts), because they're lightweight and breathable. They also come in different weights: lightweight fabrics will be thinner than heavyweight fabrics like denim jeans, so they work well when you're doing things like running or cycling.

Stay dry and cool when you're working out
In addition to good hygiene, staying dry and cool when you're working out can prevent thigh chafing. After a shower, use a towel to pat yourself dry instead of rubbing vigorously. Wear loose clothing so that air can circulate in your sweatiest spots. A deodorant containing aluminium chloride underarm shields will also help prevent sweat from accumulating in the folds of the skin and causing irritation after exercise. Drink plenty of water before exercising as well as afterwards.

Try body glide or Vaseline

If you're prone to skin irritation, try using a body glide or Vaseline. You can use it on your skin or in your shoes and socks like so:

• On the outside of your shoes: Spread a thin layer on the inside of your shoe where it touches the top of your foot. This will keep chafing at bay and make running more comfortable.

• On the inside of your shoes: Put some near where they fit around your toes so they don't rub against any rough parts that could cause blisters or raw spots (think seams).

• On thighs: If you're wearing shorts, put some on either side of each thigh where there's friction from rubbing with other shorts during exercise—this prevents irritation from forming into blisters!

Give yourself a talcum powder shower

As you’ve probably noticed, talcum powder is a good chafing treatment, in the sense of drying out moisture on the skin. You can make your own talcum powder shower by mixing talcum powder with water, or you can buy products that already contain it.


So now that you know how to prevent chafing, there's no excuse for not doing so! Whether you're planning on a long run or just heading out for a walk with friends, it's important to keep your body in good condition. If something does happen and you start feeling some pain from chafing, the above tips will help in a bind. However, we always recommend thigh guards to completely eliminate chafing.