How To Stop Legs Chafing When Wearing A Skirt

How To Stop Legs Chafing When Wearing A Skirt

Posted by Jack Miller on 11th Apr 2022

Chafing rash is impossible to ignore since it can lead to scorching pain. While it only leads to uncomfortable friction in some people, it can cause painful stings and even wounds in others. At No More Chafe we're passionate about helping people beat chafing. That's why we're providing some tried-and-tested strategies to prevent leg chafing when wearing a dress or skirt as described below.

1. Wear an undergarment

Biker-short style compression garments can prevent chafing when you wear a skirt or dress. Additionally, they're comfortable, allowing clothing to lay smoothly on your figure. They also protect your privacy when it's windy.

If you aren't keen on compression biker shorts, you can select from many other options available in stores and online. Ensure the anti-chafing undergarments you select suit the shape of your thighs. This will ensure you get all the protection you need without compromising your comfort.

2. Use anti-chafing products

There are many sticks and gels that you can apply to your body to prevent chafing. You can use them to stop chafing when wearing a skirt. You can often find these products in first aid supply stores and sports stores, since such products are used by runners to prevent chafing thighs during their sporting activities.

You can search the options in your area online and read reviews to find the ones you prefer.

3. Wear Thigh Bands for miniskirts or high slits

Thigh bands may not look like much, but they are the most appropriate anti-chafing garment for most summer outfits. They also help to prevent chafing when you way short dresses or skirts.

Thigh chafing bands have a sticky strip at the bottom and top to prevent slipping or sliding during the day. You can use a tape measure to check the circumference of the thickest part of your thigh since this is where the sizing is based. There is a wide range of fabric types and colours to choose from.

4. Rub your thighs with some deodorant

Rubbing some deodorant in your thighs at the start of the day is a great way to prevent chafing. The texture of deodorant can prevent rubbing between your thighs. Aluminium deodorants work best.

5. Wear leggings during the winter months

Wearing leggings is a great way to keep yourself warm during the cold winter months. Leggings are also beneficial in preventing chaffing. You can select the texture or material you prefer and match colours with your dress code.

6. Get creative

Let's imagine you don't have any of the anti-chafing goods mentioned above and have no choice but to wear your intended ensemble with a skirt or dress. This isn't a disaster! Instead, it's an opportunity to show off your inventive flair. Chapstick, an old-fashioned lip balm, can help avoid chafing if applied liberally in the affected area. Solid sunscreen, advertised primarily for the face, can also work well.

Alternatively, you can cut a pair of thick tights or thin leggings with scissors; the resulting anti-chafing garment may not be attractive, but it will keep you more comfortable. Wear standard women's shorts under your dress if your outfit allows it.

Leg chafing can lead to discomfort when wearing skirts or dresses. Use the strategies described above to prevent chafing and increase comfort. Shop online now at No More Chafe to find quality chafing products that meet your needs.