How To Stop Thigh Chafing Pain

How To Stop Thigh Chafing Pain

Posted by Jack Miller on 30th May 2022

Anyone who has experienced the pain of chafing knows just how excruciating it can be. It is often made even more painful due to the fact that chafing does not relent until you stop the movement that is causing the chafe to form in the first place. If, for example, you are walking around and are unable to stop walking for a while, the pain can get steadily worse. So, how do you relieve the discomfort that you are inevitably feeling if you are suffering from thigh chafe? Read in to find our top tips on how to stop thigh chafing pain.

What is thigh chafing?

Thigh chafing is a common occurrence that can happen to both men and women. It occurs as a result of friction when your inner thighs rub against each other such as when you are walking. This can cause damage to your skin, especially if it goes on for an extended period. Some common signs of thigh chafing include a rash, red, blister-like lesions and small sores. Heat and humidity can also make the symptoms much worse and thigh chafe is common throughout summer.

How do you stop thigh chafing pain?

It can be difficult to stop thigh chafe once it has started as it tends to get worse the more you walk. However, some of our top recommendations include:

1. Prevention - prevention is always better than trying to find a cure once thigh chafing has started. If you know that you are going to be doing a lot of walking or it’s going to be hot and humid, take precautions to prevent chafe from happening in the first place. This can involve wearing anti chafing shorts to prevent your thighs from rubbing together or pre applying cream to prevent irritation and pain.

2. Petroleum jelly or Vaseline - if your thighs aren’t causing frictions as they rub together, the pain is going to be substantially lowered. Petroleum jelly and Vaseline will help lubricate your inner thighs and prevent pain

3. Medicated ointment - if your inner thigh chafing has become significant and is causing you a lot of pain you may need to use some medical ointment as chafing treatment to help heal it before it gets worse. You will likely be experiencing bleeding, swelling or a rash as a result of the chafing. Make sure that your thighs are clean and dry before applying the ointment to the impacted areas. Be sure to get your legs time to relax and begin the healing process. Ideally, wear soft but fitted clothing over the next few days that prevent the skin on your thighs from rubbing together until the pain has subsided.

Are you looking for more tips and tricks?

If you are looking for more tips and tricks to help prevent chafing, deal with the pain of chafing or how to heal the painful chafe, take a look at our informative and knowledgeable blog today. You’ll find all the information you need and more to help you deal with chafe today. What are you waiting for? Take a look today!