How to Stop Thigh Chafing while Gardening

How to Stop Thigh Chafing while Gardening

Posted by Jack Miller on 5th Jun 2021

Working in the garden is great exercise and a great way to enjoy the fresh air, not to mention something that needs to be done to maintain your home all year round. However, thigh chafing can make gardening an uncomfortable experience and can turn your hobby into a chore. You can stop chafing before it ruins your time outside in the garden with anti-chafing bands which treat the problem of chafing, not just the symptoms.

Topical chafing treatments

Creams and powders which claim to be chafing cures are really only treating the rash after it has manifested. For example, aloe vera can reduce burning and inflammation, which anyone who has had chafing knows are the primary symptoms. Petroleum jelly, such as Vaseline, creates a barrier between the areas which are chafing as it is not absorbed by the skin as quickly as other creams, while corn-starch is used to prevent thigh chafing by absorbing moisture and stopping itching of the inflamed area.

Coconut oil can also reduce inflammation in areas where you’re chafing, as well as help heal the skin and kill bacteria that can be attracted to the broken areas of the skin. Shea butter can help relieve chafing by nourishing your skin and speeding up the healing process.

While all of these topical treatments are helping the symptoms of chafing, they’re not actually protecting you from inner thigh chafing itself. None of the creams and oils are ideal when you’re gardening as they’re going to attract dust and dirt, which is not only going to be uncomfortable but will also be attracting dirt and bacteria to the areas inflamed by the chafing.

Thigh chafing when dusty, dirty and damp

Therefore, when you’re doing dirty or dusty work such as gardening and want to avoid thigh chafing, you need to be wearing thigh bands. Thigh bands stop the chafing before it happens so you don’t need to worry about which cream is better for reducing inflammation or keeping out bacteria.

Instead, you simply wear your thigh bands as soon as you head out into the garden and leave them on for as long as you like. It will be like wearing underwear; you can leave them on all day and night and they’re so comfortable you will forget you’re wearing them, except to notice that you’re not chafing! In fact, thigh bands are actually best at preventing chafing when you are doing sweaty work such as gardening because the sweat helps the silicone on the bands to stick to your thighs and hold them in place.

Of course, while you will want to wear the thigh guards all the time, you will need to take them off to wash them at the end of the evening. You also don’t need to worry about applying any of the topical creams, oils or powders which are supposed to stop chafing, as those will become irrelevant due to the effectiveness of your thigh guards.

So, before you head out into the garden, simply wipe the silicone grips of the thigh bands with water to help them adhere securely and you’ll be able to enjoy your plants, flowers and hedges all day.

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