Keeping Comfy While Losing Coronavirus Kilos

Keeping Comfy While Losing Coronavirus Kilos

Posted by Jack Miller on 7th Oct 2020

With all of the restrictions in place in 2020, many of us have found that the kilograms have crept on. One of the ways to get rid of extra weight is to exercise more, but many people find that exercising when they have gained weight can be very uncomfortable. Here are some hints on ways to make the process as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Jump in the water

It's summertime, so why not jump in the water and get exercising. While lap swimming is a traditional option, you can also try other fun options like aqua aerobics or even water walking & running. That's not to mention surfing or body boarding, which also burns calories in a fun and social setting. The fact that the exercise occurs in the water helps to keep you cool, reduces pressure on joints and helps you lose weight is a great combination.

Do some small burst of exercise during the day

Research suggests that small bursts of intense exercise might be just as effective for weight loss as longer durations of exercise. This is because the short bursts help to both stimulate your metabolism as well as tamping down some of the hunger hormones so that you don't get as much of an urge to snack. This is particularly useful for office workers or those working from home who can find it very easy to snack out of boredom, which makes it harder to lose the extra weight.

Exercise earlier in the day or later at night

If you want to get out and do some activities like walking or running outdoors, it's worth going earlier in the morning or at sunset. These tend to be the coolest parts of the day and it can be a nice way to relax and unwind. Make sure you choose some well-fitting clothing and take enough water, as dehydration can make exercise much harder and chafing during exercise can make the workout much less enjoyable.

Use some anti chafing bands

Chafing is one of the secrets that nobody likes to talk about when it comes to exercising, but the friction between your thighs can become very painful and often causes a rash that can last several days. A simple solution to this problem is anti chafing bands which can be discreetly slipped onto your thighs, under loose shorts or skirts. Not only do they help while directly exercising but they can make it easier to get some incidental exercise like getting off the bus and walking that extra stop home or taking the stairs instead of the lift at work.