Stay Away from Chafe this Summer

Stay Away from Chafe this Summer

Posted by Jack Miller on 31st Mar 2020

Summers and outdoor activities are great for most of us! We get excited at the chance of spending more time out in the open. Whether we are having recreational & social occasions, or going out for exercise, the outdoors is the best place to be.  Unfortunately for many of us summer gains bring chafing pains, so we need to do the best we can to keep chafe away.

When one sweats underneath their favourite running short shorts, it can be truly uncomfortable, and will often lead those to suffer from chafed skin. The skin between the thighs becomes red, raw and painful when touched. This rash is a fairly common problem faced by people of all shapes and sizes.

If you are someone who suffers from inner thigh chafing, you must look for a solution to the irritating symptoms. So, here are some ways you can avoid chafing legs, especially if you are someone who loves outdoor activities.

Get thigh bands:

Having a barrier between your thighs can do wonders for preventing chafing skin in that area. Buying a pair of good quality anti-chafe thigh bands could you help save you lots of hassle and pain. They go under every kind of clothing option and stay in their place all day long.  You can go to work, go out with friends, or perform any kind of exercise in them. 

Clean your skin often:

Allowing sweat stay and dry on your thighs, leaves the salt & mineral deposits on the thighs rub against each other. These hard, sharp deposits shred through your skin rathere quickly which leads to injury and chafing. As soon as you've completed your activity, washing your skin with a mild cleanser could help prevent your thighs from chafing.

Always Let your skin dry thoroughly:

After you cleanse your skin, always give it a chance to dry completely before you get into your clothes. If you start moving while your legs are still wet or moist, you will most likely get chafe quite quickly.

Test run your clothes:

When wearing new workout clothes for any physical activity, always stay in them for a little longer in a comfortable environment. This helps you understand if these clothes will be conducive to your skin and not let the chafe catch on.

Thigh chafing could be vexatious; however, proper precautions could help you stay away from this unpleasant old enemy.