Summer is Coming and Bringing Thigh Chafing With It!!!

Summer is Coming and Bringing Thigh Chafing With It!!!

Posted by Jack Miller on 21st Oct 2020

We can safely say that this winter has felt like one of the longest yet. With the Coronavirus pandemic extending throughout the winter months, we’re all eager for summer to arrive. Summer promises sunny, happier days and trips to the beach. Unfortunately, it also promises thigh chafing.

Thigh chafing is a problem experienced by men and women alike. It is caused by the rubbing together of your thighs, usually when doing strenuous physical activity but also during regular everyday activities. This means that while we all look forward to a walk in the summer sunshine, the thigh rub can make it a disappointingly unpleasant experience.

Why is thigh chafing worse in the summer?

Quite simply, heat is one of the main causes of chafing, and in an Australian summer, this isn’t exactly hard to come by. More heat leads to more sweating, which leads to your thighs becoming moist. If your thighs rub together on a walk or a run when they are already moist, you will experience chafing.

This isn’t helped by summer clothing. We spend half the year looking forward to switching our trousers for skirts and dresses, only to leave our thighs exposed and ready to be chafed. Some people sacrifice their summer clothing in an attempt to avoid thigh chafing, but this can prove very restrictive, and isn’t the most convenient action to take.

What are my other options?

To prevent thigh chafing in the summer months can be difficult, but there are better measures you can take, which should allow you to continue wearing your favourite summer clothes, and going out and enjoying any activity you like.

Wearing thigh bands

Thigh bands can be a lifesaver throughout an Australian summer, as it is normally far too hot to wear longer clothing and still be comfortable. By wearing some chafing thigh bands, you can keep your legs bare without worrying about them rubbing. These bands tend to be extremely discreet, looking more like garters than anything else, while also providing your skin with effective chafing barriers.

Applying deodorant to your thighs

This is a serious life hack if you suffer from chafing throughout the summer months. Deodorant is no longer only useful for your underarms, but it has also been found to be extremely useful when applied to your thighs. As we mentioned above, a lot of chafing issues are caused by excess moisture, which can be alleviated by using deodorants. Just beware that you may have to apply and re-apply throughout the day in order keep your skin sweat free.

Drying your thighs

Sweating is nothing to be ashamed of, and we all sweat more during the summer. However, it's often useful to carry wipes or tissues with you so you can wipe away any sweat that does build up. If you manage to keep your skin as dry as possible at all times, you’ll minimise your chafing issues.

Summer is approaching, so it’s time to get prepared! For more information or to purchase very effective thigh guards, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at No More Chafe.