The Ultimate Guide to Chafing

The Ultimate Guide to Chafing

Posted by Jack Miller on 16th Sep 2020

Chafing is an issue that many people across Australia and the world have to deal with. For some, it is merely an uncomfortable issue that happens now and again. But for others, chafing can be incredibly painful and cause real damage to the skin. No one should have to suffer from chafing in the long term. Check out our handy guide to chafing to learn what causes it and how you can combat it.

What causes chafing?

Chafing is a skin condition which is caused by prolonged rubbing on the skin. Any combination of moisture, friction or annoying fabric can also cause chafing. Often chafing happens between the inner thighs, as these areas of the skin commonly rub together, causing friction. Chafing can happen to anyone or at any time, but it is usually worse after long periods of walking, working, cycling or exercise. Hot weather can also make chafing worse, especially as more people have their legs exposed and wear heavy shorts or dresses. While chafing commonly happens between the thighs, it can also occur on the buttocks, groin, armpits and feet.

What can chafing lead to?

If chafing happens regularly, it can have very negative consequences. Prolonged rubbing causes the skin to burn and sting, causing a red rash. If chafing happens to you regularly, it can cause bleeding, swelling and crusting. For some people, they may have to seek medical help to solve the problem. Ultimately, it is an incredibly uncomfortable condition which no one should have to suffer with.

Myths surrounding chafing

There are many myths surrounding the causes and treatments of chafing. One of these is that only overweight people can suffer from chafing. Although being overweight can increase your risk of chafing, there are many other factors which also cause issues. For example, both amateur and professional athletes can suffer from chafing after exercising for long periods of time. Also, wearing ill-fitting clothes can cause chafing as the loose fabric repeatedly rubs on your skin.

Another myth about chafing is that it can be easily solved with creams and lotions. However, products such as these don’t actually solve the problem of chafing, they just slightly ease the symptoms. A cream, gel or powder does not have the ability to stop the physical skin breakdown that is caused by repeated walking.

How to combat chafing

Dealing with chafe doesn’t have to be complicated. The only way to truly combat the problem is by wearing protective garments under your clothing that prevent the rubbing of the skin together. At No More Chafe, we have designed a range of anti chafing thigh guards that offer physical protection from chafing. By putting on the thigh bands in the morning, you can be assured that you stay chafe-free all day. The high-quality thigh bands are proven to stay up all day and night, and perform particularly well in hot weather. For more information check out our range, or contact us today.