Thigh Chafing is Going to be Bad for Australian Runners this Autumn

Thigh Chafing is Going to be Bad for Australian Runners this Autumn

Posted by Jack Miller on 14th Apr 2021

Autumn is here! Turning leaves, fresh air and a hazy soft afternoon glow make it a gorgeous time of year to be a runner in Australia. As the temperatures cool, thigh rub problems usually start to ease, but this year is different.

The 2021 La Niña cycle is bringing rain this autumn

Thanks to the current La Niña cycle, this autumn is going to be wetter than usual. More rainy days means more runs during a drizzle or sudden downpour. We love a bracing jog in the rain, but running in wet clothes? That’s the number one cause of thigh rub.

Why running in the rain causes thigh chafing

Moisture is your enemy when it comes to chafing. It introduces additional friction when your skin rubs against other skin or clothing. The epidermis skin layer quickly develops micro-tears under these conditions to give you a glowing, painful red rash. Wet clothes against the skin during repetitive movements are the perfect conditions for bad running chafing.

Don’t fall into an autumn runner’s slump

It’s easy to fall out of condition and out of the running habit if you let autumn showers keep you inside. Sure, you can turn to the treadmill, but we all know nothing conditions a runner and improves form like real terrain. And with COVID-19 still a looming presence, gyms may not be open down the track anyway.

You want to keep running outside, but one rain run can leave you nearly crippled with a painful inner thigh rash that sabotages you from running again for days. Vaseline and gels wash off quickly and running tights can shift around, so what you can do?

Thigh bands are the answer, providing a grip-sure physical barrier between your skin and your running clothes.

Why it’s great to run in the rain

Running in the rain trains you to handle adversity. Sticking to your training schedule when conditions aren’t perfect helps you to push through other commitments in life during periods of change and challenge. Completing a run in the rain is a real confidence booster.

Rain running is also a great stress reliever. The sights, sounds, feel and smell of a rain shower in autumn make for the perfect mindful run. Let your senses be filled and let your mind go blank as you fully connect with the environment.

Finally, running in the rain can help you burn energy. Provided the air is chilly, your body will burn more calories to stay warm as you run, creating an intensified fat-burning workout.

Stick to your training regime this wet La Niña autumn free of thigh rub

It’s time now to prepare for running in the 2021 autumn rain. No More Chafe thigh guards are ideal for rain running, holding firmly in place with silicone grippers that prevent slippage and actually grip harder when wet. They can be worn under waterproof shorts or tights to keep your skin damage-free.

Be sure to choose the right fit by measuring your thighs to ensure maximum bonding between the protection guard and your skin. No More Chafe thigh guards use a patented design that grips to your hip rather than your leg, so that they stay in the exact same place for even the longest runs.

Enjoy your autumn running season this year and don’t skip a run due to a drizzle. Check out the current deals on No More Chafe thigh guards to make sure you stay in shape this autumn and avoid dreaded chafing legs.