Thigh Chafing - Seasons, Reasons & Solutions

Thigh Chafing - Seasons, Reasons & Solutions

Posted by Jack Miller on 27th Jul 2019

Are your thighs chafing during summer in Darwin? You surely expect things will get better as soon as the winter arrives but, did you know chafing isn't exclusively a seasonal issue? If you are an active person you can still experience the dreaded chafe. Repetitive movements and sweating will cause chafed skin during any seasonal conditions.

Whatever season it may be, skin friction, which occurs through the constant movement of the thighs when walking or running, will cause thigh chafing. Rubbing our thighs against each other causes damage to the thin layer of skin on our body, known as the epidermis.  When our thighs brush passed each other they actually slapping against each other, mashing into each other, and slowly stripping away the epidermis.  So this deteriorative process is not contingent on the weather or the seasons but is something that occurs on our body all of the time.

Chafe is very annoying because of the horrible pain and skin irritation but it can also lead to hyperpigmentation. Conditions such as damp inner thighs from sweating, non-absorbent workout clothes, and even your sitting stance and leg positioning, can cause chafing.


Sweaty work out sessions can quickly lead to a visit from an old unpleasant visitor, the chafing rash. Even people who have no extra weight on their thighs could still get chafed inner thighs while exercising. All the sweat that is generated during the workout, make the skin moist and soft. As thighs go through a lot of grinding and gnashing in an exercise routine, healthy skin will deteriorate and the chafing rash will occur. People who especially know about this are regular runners, and chafing in these circles is known as the “runner’s rash”. A change in the type of workout gear could be a great help. Choosing protective wear such as thigh bands can help you keep the exercise induced rash at the bay.


Travelling in different climates can be tough for someone who is used to their local temperatures, especially if your tour involves a lot of walking. Going to places with diverse climatic conditions and different environments could lead to chafing. Tropical destinations attract many tourists because they are beautiful and adventurous, but they can be way too humid and can bring in a painful rash fairly quickly.  Surprisingly, there are locations that are quite humid all year round and people can be prone to excessive sweating, leading to inner thigh chafing. Don't wonder about how to stop your thighs chafing in the winter, or during any season for that matter. It's an easy solution, get some good quality anti-chafing bands and bring them with you while you travel, they will rescue you.

Fluctuating weight

Both weight gain and weight loss can lead to the horrid thigh rash. Pregnancy weight gain makes many women suffer from chafe, even if they have rarely experienced it before in their lives.  Fluctuating weight can cause changes in the body and how it functions.  Sometimes as our bodies adapt to putting on weight, it will sweat more, there will be skin folds, you will have different aches and pains.  Chafing can surely occur in any weight class, so be sure to help your body in any way you can. Clothing choices may be able to help, try choosing lighter materials that will allow your skin to breathe.  Preventing inner thigh chafing can be made even easier by getting fantastic new clothing items such as thigh guards.  These specifically designed thigh bands can also assist you significantly when trying to lose weight.

We understand that anti-chafing bands can help with chafing prevention when walking, running and during other activities.

Good quality thigh guards create an effective physical barrier between the thighs. The material used is soft and offers great protection without irritating the sensitive skin. Investing in a good pair of thigh guards can keep you happy and rash free.