Treat the Chafe while staying safe

Treat the Chafe while staying safe

Posted by Jack Miller on 31st Jul 2019

Chafe is an age-old problem that affects many of us irrespective of our weight,our location and even our activity level. You could be a lean person who barely walks and might be facing Chafed Skin in Adelaide during any season. Thigh chafing happens when the top layer of skin breaks down. Known as the epidermis, it is the protective layer of our skin that takes the beating because of friction. This friction can happen while our thighs constantly rub against each other or fabric of poorly made Anti Chafing Shorts.

Sometimes when things get worse- every step can make you miserable when your thighs brush passed each other and make you cringe.With repetitive physical contact between the thighs, the skin starts to peel, and you may experience redness, irritations and ultimately the inner thigh chafe.

The rash makes you uncomfortable and restricts you from many of your favourite activities. But things can change, if you take proper care and the choose a good solution. All of us are always on a lookout of a Chafing Cure in Gold Coast and wherever we go. One might think that talcum powders are the only answers. However, in reality, these powders are more damaging than helping.

Talc, talcum powder and baby powder are different names for one product that is found in our shelves. Talc is one of the softest minerals in the world and is known for its properties like absorbing oils, moisture, and odour and reducing friction.

But the below facts make them not only ineffective but also dangerous.

The biggest problem with powder is that it offers zero longevity. As soon as you start walking within powder disappears from your thighs almost immediately. The powder cannot withstand even the simplest of activities like walking or sitting with crossed legs, let alone heavy physical activities. In many cases, powder makes the skin so dry that it results in more chafing. All in all, it could be one of the worst ways of preventing yourself from chafing.

Hazard- Talcum powder might be considered an easy way of drying up any moisture, however, several investigations are emerging where agents like talcum powder must be kept at a distance from the inner thigh area as it could be a cause for cancer. The composition of powders consists of Asbestos, a naturally occurring mineral. this mineral is known to have carcinogenic or cancer-causing effects.

The pioneers of Talc became, the most popular Johnson & Johnson who started selling it in the late 1800s has had to pay lawsuits of millions of dollars.

Johnson & Johnson had to pay $4.69 billion to as many as 22 women and their families who had claimed that asbestos in the company’s talcum powder products caused them to develop ovarian cancer.

To prevent Chafing, well designed Thigh Guards are a great idea as an alternative to talc or any other topical products. So, keep yourself safe and do not reach for powder every time you itch.