What's It Like To Chafe Going To The Park?

What's It Like To Chafe Going To The Park?

Posted by Jack Miller on 11th Jul 2022

If you're like most people, nice weather means one thing: time to go to the park! But if you're not careful, all that fun in the sun can lead to chafing. Chafing is a common problem, and it can be painful.

What is chafing?

Chafing occurs when friction, moisture, and stress are applied to your skin. There are three distinct layers in your skin, the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis. When friction and moisture occur to these layers, they wear away, causing chafing wounds. Chafing can best be described as a burning or stinging sensation caused by friction. It's a common issue for runners, cyclists and anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors. Though it's not usually serious, chafing can be painful and uncomfortable.

How chafing affects your experience at the park

The outcome of your day can be determined by the level of chafe you encounter, and even a mild case of chafe can turn a fun day at the park into an uncomfortable experience and possibly deter you from coming back. Chafing can prevent you from enjoying jogging or running, cricket, football, throwing a frisbee or, if you have kids, going on the playground.

Your case may range from mild to severe. Mild cases of chafe may not make themselves known straight away, instead, you may only notice it once you return home from the park. More severe forms of chafe may result in raised bumps, cracked, broken or bleeding skin, swollen and inflamed skin with blistering. In extreme cases, open wounds may lead to infection.

Chafing occurs more frequently on areas of the body that rub against one another or your clothing. Certain environments are more likely to cause chafing than others. For example, hot and humid weather at a park can make sweating worse and increase your risk of chafing. Though many parks have trees and shaded areas, there is often a lot of open space where you are exposed to the sun's heat. If you know you'll be spending the day outside in a park, you should try to take extra precautions to prevent thigh chafing.

Chafing legs may not take long to occur; even half an hour of playtime in the park or even a simple walk is enough for some people to experience an uncomfortable case of chafe. Unfortunately, what can take only minutes to occur can take days to heal.

Choose the anti-chafing experts

Chafing is a fact of life, especially in the Australian heat. We hope you enjoy the warm weather without having to worry about chafing! Be sure to check out a selection of anti-chafing shorts, whether it's for work or general sports and leisure, No More Chafe Thigh Guards have got you covered, perfect for wearing in the park or any other activity where you might be at risk for chafing

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