Why Do My Buttocks Chafe?

Why Do My Buttocks Chafe?

Posted by Jack Miller on 21st Feb 2022

Chafing of the buttocks is a common ailment for many. It affects us in different ways and can occur at work or while enjoying common pastimes such as biking, jogging, playing organised sports or hiking. Here we will look at why buttocks chafe and provide some simple solutions to help to avoid chafing in the future.

Unfortunately, many of us are familiar with the situation. You've met a friend for a coffee and a walk, or you are waiting tables at a busy restaurant when all of a sudden you start to notice that your buttocks are chafing. You can feel the friction and the redness starting to develop. You know what comes next. Redness, itchiness and a whole lot of discomfort. But why does this happen?

What causes my buttocks to chafe?

Chafe occurs when there is friction between two body parts or friction between body parts and fabric. Both of these can cause chafing, and we can think of them as two separate instances to help sort out what it is that is causing you to chafe.

Skin on skin chafing

Skin on skin chafing occurs when your buttocks rub together. The reason that this type of chafing is so common is that it is almost impossible to partake in many activities without moving your buttocks constantly. Think about biking, running and walking. These activities all require constant hip movement, which in turn means our buttocks are in almost constant contact. The skin around this area is very sensitive, so it doesn't take much for the chafing to take hold and the soreness, itchiness and redness to begin. Ill-fitting clothing can be one cause of this type of chafe. If your undergarments are not the correct size, it can lead to the skin of our buttocks touching and rubbing together. When we sweat it can make this area sticky and all of a sudden you have the perfect recipe for your buttocks to chafe.

Skin on fabric chafing

When we wear materials that are rough or non-breathable, our skin will rub constantly and over time you may begin to chafe. By ensuring that your undergarments are breathable and the correct size, you can help to avoid chafe from the beginning. Unfortunately, chafing doesn't usually begin until well into an activity, which is why you must be wearing the correct undergarments as a chafing remedy, before you begin.

How to stop chafe:

Prevention is key. Some lotions and lubricants can provide relief from chafe, but the most important thing is to stop it before it becomes a problem. Applying some lotions or wearing anti chafing shorts may be the best way to prevent your buttocks from chafing. Cotton underwear in particular can be a real culprit for causing chafe, as cotton is an absorbent fibre. So when you start sweating cotton underwear will hold the sweat in. This is why choosing the best absorbent underwear is the best way to prevent buttock chafing from ruining your favourite activities and pastimes.

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