3 Ways to Manage Chafe During a Heatwave

3 Ways to Manage Chafe During a Heatwave

Posted by Jack Miller on 8th Jul 2020

Chafing is highly uncomfortable at the best of times. But when you find yourself in the midst of a heatwave, thigh chafing and the heat is a recipe for disaster, particularly if you're at work all day or out with friends. Don't worry though, everybody experiences chafing because it's a fact of life, if you're moving regularly, you're going to get chafe. There's even less reason to worry now, because we have tried and tested solutions for your anti-chafing needs.

1. Think about what you wear
Heat and body moisture is the perfect recipe for inner thigh chafing. But it can be made worse by the types of clothing that you wear. Whilst your clothes won't directly prevent chafing, what you wear can certainly mitigate the effects.

If you know you're going to be doing exercise or a lot of movement, avoid 'work-out' clothing that is form-fitting as this can trap heat close to your body, making chafe more likely. Instead, choose moisture-wicking fabrics that are loose-fitting, or otherwise tailored and correctly shaped to fit into all the curves of your body. You'll keep cool and avoid increased friction from damp, unsuitable clothing choices.

It's important to think about the cut of your clothing. If you're experiencing a heatwave, shorts are a common item people gravitate towards. However, some designs mean the fabric is finished in a prime chafing area and the friction between the hem of the short leg and the friction between your thighs can make the inside of your legs particularly sore. The best thing for chafing here is to avoid the mini shorts and go for a slightly longer cut, but if that's not your style, consider anti chafe thigh bands. No More Chafe Thigh Guards are designer thigh bands that come in a variety of tailor made sizes and are built to specifically protect your inner thighs from any chance chafing at all. They are the only anti-chafing product on the market that can completely and entirely stop chafe, you only have to buy the product once, and you can wash and re-use for many years ahead. 

2. Chafing prevention self-care
When you're experiencing chafing during the summer months, you may be wondering how to stop thigh chafing. It's so important to take the time to look after your thighs and keep your skin in good condition, one of the ways to do this is to wash regularly. We know, obvious right? Whether you're working all day or having fun with friends in the hot weather, sweat is going to build up near the thighs and groin area. It can become a perfect environment for bacteria and infection. So, make sure to wash regularly and gently pat dry so you don't agitate the skin any further. Afterwards, you can top up your skin with your favourite moisturiser!

3. Drink plenty of water
In a heatwave, it goes without saying that you need to keep yourself hydrated. When you're dehydrated, your sweat has a higher concentration of salt particles, when your sweat evaporates, these hardened particles begin to tear into your skin, this quickly leads to chafing rash. With serious dehydration, your skin becomes unhealthy and can lead to more infections.

The best way to avoid chafing during a heatwave is to prevent it rather than mitigate it. No More Chafe offers the best solution in the marketplace, it has a patented design that will prevent any chance of chafe developing.  Moreover, they will stay exactly in their place even while you are running, jumping, couching, sprinting, bending, do whatever activity you like.  Get in touch to learn more about chafing prevention and how we can help you.