How to Stop Chafing if You Have Sensitive Skin

How to Stop Chafing if You Have Sensitive Skin

Posted by Jack Miller on 24th Jun 2021

If you have sensitive skin, then you might be nervous about chafing, especially during exercise at the gym or when you're out in the heat. It might also mean that you don't want to put any chemicals on your skin, so you need a better anti-chafing solution than creams or gels. At No More Chafe, we understand your worries and we're dedicated to the fight against chafing! So here are a few ways to prevent painful chafing, especially for those with delicate skin that's easily irritated.

Use natural remedies

When you have sensitive skin, you may often find that nature is best, and it can be wise to be substitute chemicals and gels for natural oils and home remedies. There are a number of home remedies to mitigate the effects of chafing, including aloe vera, coconut oil and shea butter. Choose pure, organic ingredients with no additives to give your skin the best chance to heal and recover from chafing.

Wear anti-chafing shorts

Our specially designed thigh chafing bands completely prevent chafing, with a flexible design and patented technology. Available in a wide range of colours, sizes and styles, our anti-chafing thigh guards are essential if you're regularly exercising or working out and you have sensitive skin. Anti chafing shorts are a great option that stops the skin from rubbing together, causing friction and chafing, by providing a comfortable barrier.

Mix up your workout

Many people find that chafing happens the most often when they are doing the same activity, such as chafing at work or at the gym. If you are suffering from chafing in the same area, it is worth trying to mix up your workout regime and avoid exercises that irritate the area until it has had a chance to heal. If you have suffered chafing from jogging or spending a lot of time on the exercise bike, introduce some new activities which don't affect the area consistently, like yoga, squats or swimming.

Avoid anti-chafing creams and gels

A number of companies have created gels and creams to stop chafing, however, these can be a problem for those with sensitive skin. With a greasy texture and sticky consistency, if you have delicate skin it is important to avoid any strong chemicals or allergens. Anti-chafing powders also contain ingredients that may irritate your skin, so it is worth avoiding them too.

Wear the correct clothes for the weather

If you're worried about uncomfortable chafing especially on your inner thighs where the skin is extra sensitive, it is important to make sure you're wearing breathable fabrics if you are out in the heat. Chafing can occur in a number of areas, including the armpits, nipples, groin, inner thighs and more causing the skin to sting, burn or come out in a rash.

Chafing doesn't have to be a common problem if you have sensitive skin, it's just important to be gentle and take care of delicate skin, with an anti-chafing method like thigh guards that won't cause any adverse reactions.