Simple Steps to Deal with Inner Thigh Chafing

Simple Steps to Deal with Inner Thigh Chafing

Posted by Jack Miller on 6th Sep 2019

On a warm summer afternoon, when you plan to have a great day - you wear your favourite skirt or pants and within some time you feel that you are waddling your way around because of an unpleasant thigh rash. Are you prone to Chafed Skin? And does the thought of summer, sweat and walking make you cringe?  Summers bring a struggle for those of us who are active and therefore susceptible to chafing. It occurs mostly during the warmer seasons because we sweat to regulate our body temperature. Sweat brings salts & minerals out of the body and up onto the surface of the skin. These hard and sharp minerals act like sandpaper between our legs, and quickly cut through the epidermis. Hence when our thighs rub against each other, chafing occurs and keeps getting worse if it is not treated properly.

Thus, we keep on looking for ways of How to Prevent Chafing.

To start with, we are sure you have tried many products to get rid of the inner thigh chafe. Creams, lotions, ointments, powders, compression clothing and much more. But relief has still been far out of reach for you. So, here is a regime that could help you keep the chafe at bay, and if you are experiencing the rash, these tips will come in handy:

  1. Cleanse - Regular cleaning apart from just bath & showering times can be very helpful, as cleansing will remove minerals and salts from the surface of your skin. Always be gentle and never scrub inner thighs vigorously. For cleansing and bathing, stick to a mild cleanser as harsh soaps may worsen chafed skin. Using harsh and chemical-based soaps could disturb the natural Ph balance of your skin and thus lead to a worsening of inner thigh chafing. Using warm water for rinsing is a great idea.
  2. Pat and dry - Use a soft towel and always dry your skin completely. Moist skin can lead to a softening of the skin, irritation and rash. Always pat and dry the skin and never rub with the towel as this disturbs the epidermis and could cause micro-tears.
  3. Moisturize - Moisturizers are great for soothing, protecting, and healing the raw skin, however, they are not a permanent solution. Foremost, use simple petroleum jelly instead of fancy products. Most lotions are full of fragrance and other chemical agents that aggravate chafed, rashy skin. For maximum benefit always apply the cream immediately after you wash and dry your skin. The ideal time to moisturize will be after taking a shower, before going to bed.
  4. Invest in good quality anti chafing thigh guards - When it comes to topical products, they offer only temporary relief. Lotions and powders disappear with activity and are often connected with bad side effects. However, anti chafing thigh bands create a physical barrier which protect your thighs and stops friction entirely.  This lets you enjoy all of your favourite activities without any worry or concern.

Another important tip is to stay away from baby powders and talcum powders as they have been associated with cancer especially in women.

Now, with No More Chafe - Thigh Guards you can avoid chafing even when you are wearing a short dress, or long pants on a hot and sweaty summer day. Beat the rash with thigh guards as they help in preventing inner thigh chafing permanently.  You no longer have to cleanse, dry and moisturize, all you need to do is get some anti-chafing thigh bands on.